WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Explained

Instant Messaging chat application WhatsApp has recently made changes to its privacy policy.

Due to which the curiosity of people to know about privacy policy has increased now. Today I am going to explain the new privacy policy of WhatsApp in an easy way.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free application that users can download and install from the Play Store.

WhatsApp is a chat application through which people can talk to their friends via message or video and voice call.

Users don’t have to pay any charges to use whatsApp and it’s features.

What is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy?

Recently WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. WhatsApp has set February 8 as the last date to accept the privacy policy, currently the option to cancel the acceptance of privacy policy is available in the application.

If the users do not accept the privacy policy, then their account will either be deleted or the users will have to delete their own account.

Popups have started coming in to accept privacy policy from users. For consent, users have to click on the accept button.

This privacy policy will be implemented from 8 February 2021.

However, a lot of misinformation is also being spread among people.

Let’s see the whatsApp privacy policy in simple words.

What information does WhatsApp collect from us?

  1. Users Mobile Number – Users have to provide their mobile number to create an account in whatsApp.
  2. Whatsapp takes information about our profile such as our name and profile photo etc.
  3. Status information uploaded by users.
  4. WhatsApp takes information about our activity like at what time users are using WhatsApp, what time you are online, which group users are associated with etc.
  5. WhatsApp also keeps the information of the mobile system like the mobile network, which system the user is using, the user’s IP address, time zone etc.

WhatsApp shares our data with whom?

WhatsApp uses a lot of third party service. For example, when a user backs up their data, it is stored in Google Drive. Here the backup is stored in Google Drive and not in WhatsApp servers.

WhatsApp shares data primarily to companies owned by Facebook.

Following are companies owned by Facebook.

  1. Facebook Payments
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Onawa
  4. CrowdTangle

How secure is WhatsApp?

You may have often heard that WhatsApp is an end to end encrypted service.

Let’s understand it in easy language.

Whenever a user chats with another user, his message will go to another user in encrypted form. Changing data in a form that ordinary people or hackers cannot read is called data encryption.
So when a user messages another, it goes in encrypted form even WhatsApp server cannot read what the first user has sent to the other user.

End to End Encryption

End to end encryption means that when the first user sent the message, it went to another person’s WhatsApp in encrypted form, then it would change the encrypted message as before and the second user would be able to read the received message. Neither WhatsApp nor any third person can read the message between here.

Should you use Whatsapp?

Now users have only 2 options, either accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp and use it or remove WhatsApp from their phone.


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