Now a day’s no doubt to say that web application is a very important part of our internet world. Because small bloggers to big businessmen and big companies are used web applications to spread their product or life story like many things.
So, come in the main point, We need security for those applications, Because in web application companies and businessmen stored there credential information of a company , Suppose anyone or hacker stole there data then, you can understand what will happen for the company ? The company or website owner will get a very bad effect. So, here we will learn how to secure web applications from an attacker or hacker. here you can learn how to work a web application, And how to develop security? So, don’t wast any time let’s start now.


If you go back later in those time WWW(World Wide Web) make an only web site.
that time all the data, information was static type documents. Web applications showed those data directly in front of users. The maximum website didn’t allow user authentication. Any security threats arising from hosting a web site related Mainly vulnerabilities in web server software. An attacker would not normally gain access to any sensitive information, because the information held on the server was already open to public view. Rather, an attacker would typically modify the files on the server to deface the web site’s contents, or use the server’s storage and bandwidth to distribute “warez.”

Nowadays if you compare from modern web application to earlier web application. Then you can understand how much evaluated. Used high functional security, and use the two-way flow of information between the server and the user. It supports registration and login, financial transactions, search, and the authoring of content by users. Maximum information processing is privately and highly sensitive. So, Security is a big issue here Otherwise no one wants to use a web application if they believe their information will be disclosed to unauthorized parties. In a days Web applications made with new and significant security threats. Each and every web application is a different type and may contain unique vulnerabilities. Maximum web applications are made in house by the many platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc…. and many web-application made by developers who have a little understanding of the security and can understand what kind of vulnerability in this code. Let me explain one thing, If you go back some years ago, At that time if you wanted to make a funds transfer then you need to visit your bank and one bank employer did it for you. But nowadays, you can visit their web application and you can do it yourself.

 Function Of Web-application:-

■■ Auctions (eBay)
■■ Gambling (Betfair)
■■ Weblogs (Blogger)

■■ Banking (Citibank)
■■ Web search (Google)

Shopping (Amazon)
■■ Social networking (MySpace)

Nowadays this web application use everywhere not only in public networks. web applications have been widely adopted inside organizations to perform key business functions with accessing HR services and managing company resources. It’s also frequently used to provide an administrative interface to hardware devices such as printers, scanner and other software such as web servers and intrusion detection systems. It’s also used in Business applications like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which were previously accessed using a proprietary thick-client application, can now be accessed using a web browser. Software services such as email, which originally required a separate email client, now he can be accessed via web interfaces like Outlook Web Access. The time is fast approaching when the client software that most computer users will need is a web browser.


■■ HTTP, this communications protocol used to access the World Wide Web (WWW). It’s lightweight and connectionless. HTTP also be can proxied and tunneled over other protocols, allowed for secure communication in any network configuration.

■■ The core technologies, languages used to develop web applications are relatively simple and easy. The huge range of platforms and development tools are available to the development of powerful applications by relative beginners such as WordPress, Joomla, etc….. and the large quantity of open source code and other sources is available for incorporation into custom-built applications.

■■ Each and every web user already has a browser installed on their computer. Web applications deploy their user interface dynamically to the browser, avoiding the need to distribute and manage separate client software, as was the case with web applications. Changes to the interface only need to be implemented once, on the server and take effect immediately.

■■Today’s browsers are made with highly functional, enabling the rich and satisfying
user interfaces to be built. Web interfaces use standard navigational and input controls that are immediately familiar to users, avoiding the need to learn how each individual application functions. Client-side scripting enables applications to push part of their processing to the client-side, and browser capabilities can be extended in arbitrary ways using thick-client components where necessary.


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