Phases Of Hacking
Phases Of Hacking

Dude! Today I discuss Phases Of Hacking.:)

When a hacker or attacker tries to perform an attack against his target, he needs to maintain some standard steps during the entire attack.

# They are.

  1. Reconnaissance or Footprinting.
  2. Scanning.
  3. Gaining Access.
  4. Maintaining access.
  5. Clearing tracks or Covering tracks.

1. Reconnaissance or Footprinting:-


Before attacking our target, we should gather some basic or raw information about our target. In this phase, the attacker finds the information about the target . It can be done actively or passively. In this process, the attacker gets some sensitive information about the target .

“There are too many techniques are here to gather information about the target. But I show you some of them .”

#Search Engines:-

 Search engines are the most famous tools for a hacker. They can gather/dump too huge of possible information about the target. A target can be a person or company, website, or anything else.


Example: – google, yahoo, safari, etc.


#Whois Lookup:-

whois is a very nice tool kit to gather some raw and juicy information to the target. It gives the details like the owner of the domain, domain details, IP address, server information, etc.

#just type or click here => Whois lookup tools

Whois Lookup
-: Whois Lookup:-

It is just like your dictionary which stores all words. An attacker can see archived old versions of web pages, company details, famous person details of the past. It stores millions of websites and their important data in a large database. It very helps full for a hacker.

#Click Here =>


# Tracert:

Tracert is a command to trace all the nodes between our computer and a remote computer or our target. it’s maybe a website or any system or server.

# Usage:-  1. open your cmd or command prompt.

  2. type: tracert (your target name or IP).



2. Scanning : –

In this phase, the Attacker finds much more information about our target. An attacker can perform port scanning or various assessments in order to get sensitive information about our target.

Mainly attacker maximum time scan the IP address. So, that’s why I mention here about Ip SCANNER.

  IP scanners:-

IP scanners scan the live hosts’ connection. we just need to give the range of IP address to be scanned. IP scanner will automatically scan the live hosts on which we can perform our attack.


Port Scanner:-

A port scanner is used to scan for open ports. What can I do with an open port? ans:- if the port is opened and running a vulnerable service then we can exploit it t gain access to the system.


Tools: IP scanner, NMAP,

ip scanner
-:ip scanner:-


3. Gaining Access:-

        In this phase, the Attacker actually performs an attack or hack. Using the information or vulnerability found by previous phases, the attacker takes advantage and performs exploit to gain access. 

N.B – “When we do attack, This part is the most important part.”

Gaining access php shell
-: Gaining access PHP shell:-



4. Maintaining Access:-

In this phase, the attacker installs backdoors or trojans in order to maintain access to the target system. Okay, Let Me Explain,

“hacker found the vulnerable website whose database is exposing all the sensitive credentials of the admin. He exploited the database and got the username and password to log into the websites admin or user panel. Now I gained access to the website. After gaining access to a website we may upload a web shell on to the webserver to maintain the access on it. A web shell is a program that can be executed on a server in order for hackers to maintain access. ”   

I hope you can understand.



5. Clearing Tracks or Covering Tracks:-

In this phase, the Attacker deletes the logs and session details in order to not be caught. IF I discuss it clearly then it’s mean. When we attack our target, our step of the process is maybe logged at the target system. So, we need to remove those logs so as to remain undetected from the system.

I hope above all things you can understand. SO, WITH US AND DON’T FORGET TO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

by cyberboy



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