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Hi 🙂 dude, welcome back again in my new topic Information Gathering On Online Website. So, Keep calm and read that article. 🙂 So, don’t waste any time let me discuss this topic 🙂
Here we will gather some information about our website using some free online available websites.

whois lookup:-

I already said about it in the previous topic. But in here I again repeat it. whois is a very nice tool kit to gather some raw and juicy information to the target. Such as It shows the registration Details of the website, Registered the domain and which date did he registered it on, when will it expire, etc. This raw information may help you in Social engineering like sending email to website owner on his registered email
   online website =>  Whois lookup tools

It is just like your dictionary which stored all words and vocabulary. An attacker can see archived old versions of web pages company details, famous person details of the past. It stores millions of websites and their important data in a large database. It very helps full for a hacker.
Click Here =>

View DNS:-

some times your target domain is not vulnerable or you are not able to find the right exact attack surface, in such case you can do Reverse IP domain lookup and find the other domains on the same server which may be vulnerable and allow you to enter the Server.:)
Click here => ViewDNS


The robots.txt file to view the paths, which web admin wants to hide from bots and do not want to publish front of the public. It is used by the websites to disallow some sensitive data or admin panels. And it can be view openly. so, in that case, it can be useful for us if we find that data and use it later.




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