Well, sometimes every windows 10 users phishing this type of problem. While deleting a file in Windows 10, we come across an annoying dialog box indicating that the file is locked, or we are not allowed to perform such action. So now question is then how can I delete this type of file am I right? Well In such cases, We need to use the Command Prompt, Because CMD (Command Prompt) gives us full access to the file system of the windows. like Deleting, Create, Rename, and many more. 🙂

Otherside, using Command Prompt is that you won’t need to spend money purchasing premium file & folder remover. (CMD)Command Prompt is a built-in feature of Windows 10, and it works pretty well.

Steps To Delete The Locked File:

Step 1. There are two ways to open (CMD)Command Prompt,

  • Press the ( Windows + R ) Key, Then type (cmd). (Figure-1)
  • Type the (CMD) in the windows search bar.  (Figure-2)

Step 2. Now you need to see the folder path where the file is stored.

  •  Right Click > Properties > Details . (figure-3), (figure-4)

Step 3. Now give choose the directory by this command cd desktop in the (CMD), after giving this command hit the enter and it will like this ( C:\Users\example\desktop ).

Step 4. After selecting your directory, put this command ( del /f /s <your file name> ), after put this command it will like this ( C:\Users\example\desktop>del /f /s <your file name> ) then hit enter.

N.B – Sometimes You need press ‘ Y ‘ to confirmation after complete above all the steps.





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