Web cache poisoning to XSS to SSRF

I gonna share my experience of a bug “web cache poisoning” in bug bounty as usually, I was pentesting on private sites and I...

Authentication token bypass Leads To IDOR

Here is the article how I was able to bypass authentication token and able to exploit IDOR and add any user to add events...
become a bug hunter

How To Become A Bug Hunter

Welcome back again dude !!! :) Today I discuss bug hunting !!!! :)Before I start our topic I wanna say this topic is only...
online information gather

Information Gathering On Online Website For website

Hi :) dude, welcome back again in my new topic Information Gathering On Online Website. So, Keep calm and read that article. :) So,...
information gathering of web application

Information Gathering Of Web application

Hello, Everyone welcomes back again. Today I discuss with you our first lesson which is Information Gathering Of Web application. First of all, I...
web application security

About Of Web Application

  INTRODUCTION:-   Now a day's no doubt to say that web application is a very important part of our internet world. Because small bloggers to...