The biggest cyber attacks in 2021

  • The SolarWinds hack: In December 2020, it was discovered that a sophisticated cyber attack had breached the networks of SolarWinds, a company that provides IT management software to a large number of organizations, including government agencies. The attackers used a supply-chain attack to insert malware into a software update, which was then distributed to SolarWinds customers. This allowed the attackers to gain access to the networks of multiple organizations and potentially steal sensitive information.


  • The Microsoft Exchange Server hack: In March 2021, it was discovered that a group of hackers had exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server software to gain access to the email systems of thousands of organizations. The attackers used this access to steal sensitive information and plant malware on the affected systems.


  • The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline: In May 2021, a ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel pipeline in the United States, led to the shutdown of the pipeline and disruptions in fuel supply. This attack highlights the potential impact that ransomware attacks can have on critical infrastructure.


  • The widespread use of COVID-19 themed malicious email: Cybercriminals used the pandemic as a theme to launch phishing campaigns, ransomware attacks and other malicious activities.

These are just a few examples of the many cyber security incidents that occurred in 2021. It’s important to stay informed and aware of the latest threats and vulnerabilities in order to better protect yourself and your organization from cyber attacks.


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