Hey, welcome to another blog of JavaScript complete tutorials.

In this blog, we will compare different types of  Text Editors and IDE’s.

First of all, what is a Text Editor?
A text editor is a computer program used to edit text data.

Every operating system has there prebuilt text editors like windows have Notepad, Linux machines have another and mac has different but the purpose of all text editors is the same to edit text files.

We can do basic development like working on HTML, CSS using Notepad but it will take a long time and you have to write code from scratch every time.

Let’s try our first example of a text editor.

1. Notepad++

Steps to install Notepad++ :

    1. Open your web browser simply type notepad++ download.
    2. Now click on the first link or directly click on the link https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/notepad ++ download
    3. Install it by your system preference.
    4. It is basically like Windows notepad but some advanced features like you can see it more colorful and other things.
    5. Notepad++ looks like this :Notepad ++ User Interface
    6. Try it.

Let’s jump onto another Text Editor –

2. Brackets

Steps to install Brackets text editor :

  1. Open web browser
  2. Search for Brackets text editor or click here http://brackets.io/Brackets text editor download
  3. Brackets text editor looks like this :Brackets text editor user interface
  4. The best thing with brackets is it gives a live preview option on the top right side. Users don’t have to open the file manually in the web browser just click on preview. Brackets will open the file with your default web browser.
  5. Download and try it.

Now another text editor is

Sublime Text

The sublime text editor is also the best text editor that I can recommend you to use. You can upgrade it however sublime text is free to use, but you will get popups regularly to upgrade it.

How to download Sublime Text –

  1. Goto https://www.sublimetext.com/3Sublime Text Editor Download
  2. Download by your system preference.
  3. After installing its user interface looks like this –Sublime Text Editor Interface

4. Download and try it, you might like it to use.

There are also other text editors that you can try out like RJ TextEd https://www.rj-texted.se/ and Atom https://atom.io/

Now let’s talk about IDE’s.

What is an IDE?

IDE(Integrated Development Environment) is a software program that provides many features in one single program like a text editor, compiler, debugger, etc. that is helpful for programmers. Having multiple in one place isn’t it a cool thing?

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code sometimes shortened as VS Code is the best IDE that maximum programmers use and personally, I also use Visual Studio Code. It has many features and its User Interface is also beautiful.

Visual Studio Code is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux also.

Installing Visual Studio Code

  1. Goto https://code.visualstudio.com/downloadDownload Visual Studio Code
  2. Visual Studio Code user interface looks like this –Visual Studio Code User Interface
  3. Download and try out Visual Studio Code.
  4. We will talk more about the VS Code in another blog.

That’s all for this blog. Download and check which is suitable for you. If you don’t have to download and try all of these just download VSCode😉😉.






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