How To Scan Antivirus Software
How To Scan Antivirus Software

Welcome again everyone, today I have brought a new tutorial for you, so today’s topic is an antivirus how to scan a file. Hmm !!! Nowadays everyone uses antivirus software like Kaspersky, Avast, Malwarebytes, but have you thought about how that antivirus software works? Huh !! I am sure 80% of people would never have thought of it.
But don’t worry because I’m here for you and let me show you how antivirus software works, so let’s not waste time. Mainly detect antivirus software

Depending on the threat/process:-

1)Signatures based.
I explain both parts. 🙂

Signatures Based:

All antivirus already keep all the data of virus in their database. When we scan files, it scans and matches with data that was already inserted into the database. If a data matches the database, it shows a virus and never permits permission to run in the system.
If you notice the code, you can see the line for the first time. I use “@echo off”, it is a sign of a virus. If I scan the file starting with that code, it will be detected by the antivirus. So, there is a lot of code that is detected by antivirus software as a sign of a virus.

Heuristic-Based :

It is an algorithm and it is very clever. Here an antivirus software processes and analyzes all the software in our system while the software is running. When it detects that the software or file is processing incorrectly, it detects the contents of the virus and says that it is a virus and has stopped its activity.
So, blackhat hackers use crypter to hide malicious code behind the software and it can bypass antivirus software. Because as I already said, Antivirus never scans deeply, it only scans signature and Heuristic-Based. So, that’s why antivirus cannot detect that file when you use Crypter. I hope you can understand the Tutorial.


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