1- Download the new application from Google Play –

The biggest advantage of Android phones is that this platform has the most applications available worldwide and millions of them are available for free. In the process of downloading new applications on their mobile, most people download applications from trusted sites. In which there is a risk of malware and spyware.

2- Do not download unnecessary applications

Keep your phone as clean as possible, many people unnecessarily download the application in their phone, which reduces the speed of the phone and the risk of the virus remains, only the necessary application Download only.

3- Use password lock / PIN lock for phone

Most people use the simple lock in their smartphone, but it proves to be useless when your phone is lost, your data can be used easily by anyone, but in password lock or pin lock It is very unlikely.

4- Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth only when needed

Most people’s phone Bluetooth is always on, it is easier to hack your phone when Bluetooth is on, so turn on your phone’s Bluetooth if needed, otherwise, keep it off.

5- Must use the remote control function in your phone

In any case, if you lose the phone, you can easily search your phone using the remote control function, it helps to know the location of your phone using GPS, as well as you can keep your data safe.

6- Be sure to backup your phone

Make sure to backup your Android phone because if you have to format or reset it, you will get your data back, if you want you can also backup your phone online so that data can be easily received in any phone Can.

7- Must use good antivirus-

Android phone is useless without the internet, and if the internet is there then there is a possibility of virus attack going on unknowingly, so make sure to use a good antivirus and keep updating it.

8- Avoid buying cheap memory cards-

There are very cheap memory cards of China in the market, which we buy very quickly and also store our important data in these memory cards, after some time this memory card gets spoiled automatically, or by hanging the phone So, buy a memory card from a good company.

9- Must have a cloud backup of data-

Now cloud services are providing very good and free services so that you can take a cloud backup of your data so that you can easily get your required data back again in case of a bad or lost phone call.

10- Charge only with original charger

Sometimes it happens that when our Android phone charger is defective, we charge our Android phone with a charger from the market, but by doing so you can spoil the Android phone, but only by a good company charger Android Charge the phone.


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